Thursday, December 28, 2006

12/28/06: "Primp" My Ride

"Fashion is a kind of vitamin for style." - Yves Saint Laurent

Celebrities are vitamins for fashion, too. Without them, clothing items and styles would not become as popular. One line of clothing that many celebrities appear to be wearing is Primp, a cozy line of thermals, tees, and lounge pants. Though these thermals may be $65 to $80, they are the most popular search term on the Intuition website. ( The clothes, with animal and nautical prints such as ponies, anchors, frogs, and bunnies, have come out with a few more styles. Bows, Breast Cancer ribbons, and lions. Many of their thermals have rhinestones on them, to make them more glamorous. Celebs such as Mischa Barton, Nicole Richie, and Paris Hilton have been spotted by the paparazzi sporting this clothing line. Mischa has been seen wearing her Primp pony long sleeve shirt and leggings. Nicole has been spotted in the Primp Anchor thermals, and Paris has been seen in the Primp pony v-neck t-shirt and bunny long sleeve thermal. Rachel Bilson wears Primp attire, too. Young people all over the nation look for the things big celebrities wear, and this makes them much more popular. I bet in the next few years, you'll be seeing a lot more Primp on teens all over!


Hali said...

Love the quote.

And the thermals. :) BTW, you can get Primp supercheap on eBay. I saw some of the cute anchor thermals going for about $20.

Spoiled Brat said...

dnt trust eBay, there is no way can a primp top be sold that cheap,

get the real thing at