Wednesday, December 27, 2006

12/27/06: Obsessed Juicy Couture Fans

"I prefer to think of fashion as a verb." - Jean Muir

One day, I walked onto my school's campus to see 75% of all seventh and eighth grade girls wearing Juicy Couture velour or terry hoodies and Ugg boots. There were black hoodies, brown hoodies, pink, green, aqua, dark blue - it was like somehow Juicy had taken over their lives. And every single one of these girls had skinny jeans tucked into matching Ugg boots. Ugh. I confess - I own a Juicy hoodie, too (yet I bought mine with my own money on Ebay for $50). Not to mention a Juicy makeup case, t-shirt, and charm bracelet. But this was different - every clique had at least two girls with the same color Juicy. Then, it got worse - every single pair of Ugg boots were REAL. That is automatically wasting $220 or so. Crazy.... And when I wore a random velour zip up one day, they automatically asked if it was Juicy. I told them no. They were ready to say how cute it was, but they didn't because it wasn't worth $88.

Where has all the individuality gone? I applaud all the girls who decide not to waste $100 on plain sweaters that everyone else has! Don't use up your parent's money! Buy something unique and different from everyone else! That is what real fashion is! Not only have I been noticing Juicy sweats everywhere, but black Northface fleece jackets have become pretty popular, too. I'm not going to criticize those, because I own a lot of fleeces from Northface, and they keep me really warm during the winter. But still, I am the only girl in my school that owns two peacoats (one which I bought at Goodwill for $11). Converse and Vans took over the school last year - as well as Abercrombie and Hollister this year. Don't get me started on those stores again! Fashion is all about expressing yourself - you should take charge and start a new trend, don't follow the silly ones that swallow up your money! That's my life lesson for you today! :) Happy shopping!

.::LaUrEn ThE iT gIrL::.


Eritia said...

We don't have a lot of juicy at my school, thank god, but:
A. How can uggs be tucked INTO skinny jeans,
B. I thought you were talking about Sweats, not jeans
C. I hate Juicy,
D. I hate when people don't like what it it you're wearing, although they would if their fave brand was in it.
E. I hate when people think Juicy is high couture.
F. I own two peacoats too! and I bought one at a consignment shop for 12$

jennabobenna said...

...ur blog is my new addiction!
i love ur hilarity and ur bubbly prose!!!
AH- so cute

Anonymous said...

i think juicy needs to be put away.
dont kid yourself i have a cute fitted zip up hoodie that i love to wear.. but it's from american eagle for like $20.. and i defffinatley dont wear it with an over-the-top sweat suit ensemble.

I'm all for sweats... but if you wear a hoodie.. switch up those sweatpants for some jeans.. and if you go for the sweatpants.. go for a cute longsleeved tee.


Anonymous said...

I hate you people!
Juicy is the best thing that has ever happened to this world!

Anonymous said...

Juicy Couture was fine when I was in the sixth grade and actually used "fly" as an adjective.
Seriously. Just because something ods on labels (like "Juicy" written across the behind, really, make them work for it) does NOT make it high fashion. You don't see Marc Jacobs writing his name in rhinestones across a hoodie, and he's like, what, a GOD of fashion (in my eyes, anyway).
Don't get me wrong, a little label here and there is okay, as long as its done TASTEFULLY. And Juicy Couture is actually trying to improve themselves. They've started making smart peacoats and some beautiful clothes with really feminine details. I actually wanted to buy a coat of their recently, it was a fur (faux, of course) swing coat with a pin on the side and it was old fashioned glamour with a modern twist.
So the moral of my rant...I mean story? Juicy sweats (along with ALL sweats) are good for the trackfield, not your everyday life.

Anonymous said...

I am so offended!!! OMG! i luv juicy and have a lot of it so say something nice about the hoodies and build a bridge and get over the prices i mean seriously don't you agree they are cute! from my point of view the prices aren't that bad you guys make it sound like they are the prices of a car