Tuesday, December 26, 2006

12/26/06: Walking in a Winter Wonderland

"I know people say Ugg boots are out of fashion, but these boots are so cozy!" - Coleen Mcloughlin

Brrrrr. It's cold outside. Banana Republic is having a sale, and these drop dead beautiful winter white skinny cords are on sale for $44.99. They come in various whites and browns. I love how they paired them up with Uggs! Just like the above quote states, many people think Uggs are ugly and out of style. I personally think that $150 is too much to spend on the boots just because they are the original "Uggs." They aren't ugly - they're practical, and better for your feet than the other knockoff kinds like Bearpaw and Emu. Look at the ones above, with the flowers. They're by Ugg Australia, but $200. (cough up the money!)
They are sooooooooo cute. Maybe the plain old tan short Uggs aren't that appealing to fashionistas, but if you opt for a cuter pair that not many people have, you are being fashionable!

I was just on the Free People website, and there are even more cute things that would look positively snazzy with Uggs (and any other shoe). This skirt is on sale and absolutely positively a-m-a-z-i-n-g! It reminds me of a little swedish girl's skirt, just shorter! Brown legwarmers or knee socks would add to the excitement of this charming ensemble - as well as a white embroidered blouse, leather vest, and chunky light pink or brown cable knit sweater. Winter is my favorite time of year - not only because you get to cozy up with a cup of cocoa, but because fashion wise - it's all about layering!
.::Lauren the It Girl::.


Eritia said...

The flower uggs are just as ugly as regular uggs, if not more! I think so at least,

Eritia said...

PS i love your Quotes!

Anonymous said...

I think the flower uggs are super cute.

but i think its one of those cute in the picture things..

if i brought those home i think i would have trouble finding something to look decently cute with them