Sunday, March 11, 2007

3/11/07: She's Got Style: Iekeliene Stange

"Fasion is what goes out of fashion." - Jean Couteau

Perhaps the excessive amounts of photographs of Iekeline Stange in the latest glossies have inspired me to examine her style a bit more. I've always admired the girl who stood out in a crowd (while looking fashionable) and I definetely agree that Iekeline Stange is that girl. The whole "nerd with fashion sense" has really got to me this spring. I've been spending hours at a time online searching for the latest screen tees, legwarmers, hair scrunchies (they are actually coming back!) and suspenders..... kind of strange, but I like them. Iekeline has model poise mixed in with a geeky kind of charm - not to mention she has kick-ass glasses!
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