Tuesday, March 13, 2007

3/13/07: A New Argentina!

"You don't have the same reaction to a girl walking around the street today in a nightgown and a vintage coat and sneakers, that you did six years ago." - Marc Jacobs

It's not really "a new Argentina," but rather "a new Teen Fashion Bible." That's right - I'm gonna work on a cool header and probably change the name of my blog. Teen Fashion Bible is a bit juvenile - I'm thinking of "Haute," "Regally Blonde," or "Fashion Boot Camp" or something a bit more bold. If you have any suggestions, by all means give me a comment! I gladly appreciate all ideas.
With the new header/layout, I'll be posting a bit more on runway news, designer must haves, and more pictures I've taken in addition to the bubbly, girly write-ups and pics I've been posting. And don't you worry - I'll still be posting a fashion quote before every post! I fear I'll eventually run out one day and will have to resort to song lyrics.....
If I decide to stick with "Teen Fashion Bible," I'll be creating a new blog on haute couture, high school style, or Broadway and musical theater. Look out, TFB readers, there's a lot more to come from this eager and excited thirteen year old!
- over and out at 5:34 pm
- a very happy Lauren <3


Anonymous said...

i actually like the blog the way it is now, but i'm excited for a change! i just have a request that you not get too designer just bcuz it's a lot more realistic to purchase "the look" or the item...money wise. it also makes it a little bit more "relateable".

but w/e you decide i'm sure it'll be "haute"...lol. i kinda like regally blonde!& i LOVE musical theater!

*Lauren The It Girl* said...

thanks for commenting! Yeah, I'll still post just as much on what I do now - I'll just be posting more than I usually do. I like "Haute" a lot but "Regally Blonde" is pretty sweet, too. :)
- Lauren

Short and Sweet Gymnast said...

Uh, just a little thing that's kinda stupid, but I hate your little "aberzombes" nickname. It's kinda rude to make up insulting nicknames for people just because they like a certain brand of clothing. And two FYIs: Abercrombie is not cheaply made, and the reason Abercrombie and Hollister clothes look similar is because Abercrombie owns Hollister (and American Eagle.) No offense or anything. But I do like your blog :-)

*Lauren The It Girl* said...

I'm not offended by your comment, but just to let you know, I'm not purposely trying to be rude. It's my opinion that Abercrombie is very boring and when everyone owns the exact same thing from abercrombie or hollister, it reminds me of a bunch of clones - they all wear the same thing. And I do know that Abercrombie owns Hollister and Ruehl, but they don't own American Eagle because they've tried to sue them before for putting "92" on a baseball cap. Why would they sue a store from their company?
- Lauren

Alex Richards said...

Definitely keep doing the fashion quotes. I love that Marc Jacobs quote you have up now. Fab!
Not crazy about any of the new titles, but then again, I can't think of anything better, sorry! :)
Keep it rockin' girl!

Anonymous said...

i agree with you lauren i think abercrombie/hollister is cheaply maded because i've had farr too many conversations with people about how their new abercrombie shirt ripped on the first day or how their hollister tee said machine washable but shretch out to an xxxxxxxxL in the wash.

im not going to pretend i dont have a cute jean skirt or a few shirts from hollister/abercrombie.. but everything in moderation people.

it gets out of hand when everyone in your school wears HEAD TO TOE abercrombie/hollister