Sunday, March 18, 2007

3/18/07: I Heart Betsey Johnson

"Fashion is more powerful than any tyrant.” - Latin Proverb

For the occasional 20 minutes per day, becomes my obsession - I click through the runway slideshows, ranting and raving on the newest collections from designers such as Marc by Marc and Luella. Today, I stopped by the Betsey Johnson slideshow for the 1000th time, and then again admired the beautifully eclectic outfits Betsey designs.
Another reason why I ah-dore Betsey is because of her new line of totes and luggage, "Betseyville." Not that expensive ($78 for a large tote)and very vintage girly, the new bags have a certain appeal to them. Some of the colors aren't that great (like the whole black and white bold stripes with purple roses stuff) but many of the totes are cool for school or shopping. I just wonder how much use I'll get out of one of her Betseyville bags - most of the clothes in my closet don't match that well....

Betsey Johnson Fall 2007 Ready to Wear

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