Tuesday, July 3, 2007

7/3/07: Make Sure to Salute Old Navy

“Happy, happy fashion - there is not much more to it than that." - Marc Jacobs

In many places in the United States (usually wealthy areas), Old Navy is considered "tacky and cheap." I tend to disagree. In the past few years, Old Navy has vamped up their style with fabulous dresses, flashy shoes, to-die-for accessories, trendy jean styles, and lots of cute screen tees. I remember going into Old Navy just to find a lot of shirts that read in small letters "Old Navy." Now, whenever my mom and I take a trip to our local outdoor mall, we stop there religiously, just like we do Target. I love the price range - fits my budget, and you can get a lot of use out of the things you buy. Here are my top picks for this summer at Old Navy:

I love the flirty floral pattern of this linen babydoll dress. You can dress it up or down, and either way it looks fabulous. $29.50
With peep-toe being so popular this year, Old Navy does a great job with these little wedges. The braiding and the pattern make this shoe stand out. $12.99

I absolutely adore this vintage-inspired cream cami with quirky buttons and just the right amount of ruffles. This light, airy piece can be considered a staple in any teen fashionista's wardrobe. $19.50

Yet another crochet tank, yet this one adds a splash of color in this dazzling color called "Artic Ocean." I could see this one paired with crisp white flare jeans and a geometric-patterned headscarf with a gold chain necklace and bangles. $19.50

And on our preppy, laid back days, consider one of Old Navy's striped polos. If comfort is your style-mood of the day, how about a pair of denim cut-off shorts or white bermudas, cute pearl studs, and a pair of kelly green or navy flats?

Do you think Old Navy has vamped up their style in the past few years?

Comments? Rants? Raves? Reviews?


LML said...

and i do remember those days when they had the "old navy" tee's - remember the board shorts? whenever i go there I awlays get their ribbed tanks. basics, boring I know, but they just fit so well and i love the xtra long kind - i must have every color in the rainbow now! haha

Mer said...

old navy definitely has cuter stuff now! i haven't been forever, i don't know where there's one close to me haha

you live in marin right? me too!

Ana said...

its not my fav store or anything tbut you make a good point-they have stepped up your game.ive seen some cute shoes on their sight and the vintage insp cami is lovley

la petite fashionista said...

i agree! i've always liked old navy. sure youre probabtly not paying for quality but theres cute trendy pieces and great basics in there. they've definitely improved their style


Amy said...

I have mixed feelings on old navy - it seems to be hit or miss with me. Sometimes i find really cute, inexpensive clothes, while other times, i can go into the store and find absolutely nothing. Your picks are very cute though.
Great blog, mind if i link?

Lilly said...

That turquoise tank is absolutely gorgeous. I want one now!

Mandi said...

I have a top just like that one from old navy! I love the tank tops- all the clothes. So cute! :)