Sunday, June 10, 2007

6/11/07: Swashbuckling Charm

"A fad is less than a fashion. It is were a fashion people would copy it." - E.H. Gombrich

With the new Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End making a smash hit in theaters, I was amused to see that pieces from Anna Sui's Spring/Summer 07 collection were channeling the pirate-esque style. Here's Anna's take on the trend, POTC 3's take, and my take. Anna Sui Spring/Summer 2007
Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean

get the look:Diane von Furstenburg dress, Nordstrom
I am in love with this funky, fresh pattern and the unique cut of this dress!
Spandex leggings, American Apparel
Strategically shredded and ripped at the appropriate spots, these leggings will create the illusion that you've been fighting with swords against pirates.
DKNY metallic trench coat, Nordstrom
Every pirate girl needs an adorable brown trench coat with big pockets where she can store all her stolen loot!Suede lace boots, Urban Outfitters
One word: PerfectionGold and brown bangle, Urban Outfitters
Gold and brown compliment this outfit, especially in a beautifully designed bangle.
Scallywag brown pirate hat,
No pirate's outfit is complete without a pirates hat!

Comments? Rants? Raves? Reviews?
Tell me how you liked POTC 3. I haven't gotten the chance to see it yet.
Is it worth it?


Miss Lou Lou said...

my goodness, your writing is really impressive for a 13 year old!! i really enjoyed reading your blog, keep it up =)

Anonymous said...

you should update it more often. 5/27 was your last post. thats wayy more than a week ago.

LML said...

i didnt like POTC3 too much - the first will always be the best to me...however i do love your fashion choices. i went with my friend and all we commented on the whole movie was how cute Keira's outfits and shoes were. I would see it if i were you - just for the costumes, Johnny, and orlando!

p.s. the main reason i didnt like it was the guy with the octopus head - he CREEPS me out!