Thursday, August 9, 2007

8/9/07: Birthday Wishes

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” - Coco Chanel

Happy Birthday to me! Wow - I'm finally 14. Oh how exciting today will be - going into the city for a lunch and seeing Harry Potter 5 in IMAX with 3D! I just came back from camp on Monday. It was amazing, being there for a month. I'm happy to be back with my family again. Other news? I got my first very own computer: A new MacBook! I've been glued to it for a while..... other presents? I got the Legally Blonde: The Musical soundtrack, a pink and green beaded necklace from Paris from my aunt, a charm for my Juicy Couture charm bracelet (it's shaped as a pink coffee mug), a Broadway Diva concert DVD, and an engraved silver bangle my mom bought me in Texas.

I'll get back in the flow of writing on my blog often, but first I have to devour all my fall fashion magazines and sites for trends and get back into the routine of reading my daily fashion fixes online.

Have a good day! Keep checking for updates,

- Lauren


Folu said...

happy birthday! i saw it on LF and i thought i'd leave you a comment

LML said...

happy birthday! glad you're back :)

Anonymous said...

happy bday!!!

(btw, i love OMIGOD YOU GUYS on the's so cute)

looking forward to new upd8s!

Mer said...

oh god I'm an idiot! on the post above this I asked when your birthday was

welcome back and happy belated birthday!!!

i love the legally blonde soundtrack. did you see it when it was in SF??? AMAZING! i love all the songs.